“To keep someone in the loop: include them in a group of people who receive the latest information about something”

In Los Angeles, journalists do an excellent job at keeping everyone informed about what’s new, what’s hot, what just opened. But they don’t always tell you if it’s worth jumping in your car and driving to the other side of town — and unfortunately, every single new restaurant can’t be that good. We asked ourselves: How can you send out a weekly newsletter if there hasn’t been a great new restaurant in the past seven days? Trust us: we’d rather hear about an old joint in Koreatown that has been serving amazing food for twenty years, and which nobody talks about anymore…

That’s why we decided to come up with a website that keeps you in the loop, but in a slightly different way:
– We only write positive reviews, because a chef’s life is already hard enough as it is. If it was good, we’ll write everything about it. If it wasn’t, you’ll never have to know.

– We are entirely independent. No ads, no cronyism. We want you to be able to trust us. 

– We send out a newsletter every Monday, telling you what we believe you should be eating this week. I
t may not always be new, but we promise it will always be delicious. 

Thanks for your support and most of all, don’t forget to subscribe!

Victoire Loup