Backyard Bowls is a place like no other. A parallel world where people are beautiful, young, and tanned, but especially where the dress code seems to be yoga mat and lycra shorts. You would expect to run into Gwyneth Paltrow ordering an Avocado Smoothie with extra Spinach. Freshly landed from Santa Barbara, Backyard Bowls offers “acai bowls” which are (all prejudice set aside) as beautiful as they are delicious. A pretty colorful bowl, made with fresh fruit smoothie, topped with superfoods (i.e. nutrient super heroes): baobab, pollen, aronia, goji, pitaya… On the savory side, the Arroz Verde is the Hulk version of an organic brown rice bowl, with a chermoula pesto, beluga lentils, sweet potato, avocado, tahini, and all kinds of seeds. Pick a juice to complete this youth therapy, and go sit on a picnic table like the ones we love at Trois Familia. And you’ll leave this place, twenty minutes later, with the impression of having lost a few wrinkles, pounds, or perhaps your LA-virginity.

Address: 8303 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 7AM-7PM


Reservations: No reservations


Style: Healthy

Price: Bowls $8.95-14.95

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Best for: Breakfast, Lunch


Other location:

Downtown: 801 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90017