Fun fact: falafel means “little ball” in Arabic. Real fact: Dune has some of the best falafels in LA, and they are curled up in soft thick pita which has just come out from the grill, with a little za’atar and some turmeric yogurt. The falafels at Dune have an oval shape, crisp and slightly burnt on the outside, soft and green inside (green like Gjusta’s baklava croissant, yum… sorry for the digression). For the meat-eaters, there’s a pasture-raised lamb sandwich with Lebanese toum and pickled onions. The beet sandwich bread is a ciabatta from Bub & Grandma’s, which we already love and find in other hipspots: Cliff’s Edge, Dinette, Here’s Looking at You… The hummus and tabbouleh plate are also worth the trip to Atwater Village, and we raise our (lemonade) glass to the quinoa in this Cali-conscious version of a traditional tabbouleh. For dessert, Dune has dates with rose water and sea salt, along with baklava (yum, Gjusta…). And for drinks? An iced mint tea, a rosemary lemonade or a Mexican Coke will come handy if you have had too many spicy mango pickles while waiting for your order.


Address: 3143 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10AM-9PM


Reservations: No reservations

Style: Middle-Eastern

Price: Sandwiches $8.5-10.5

Neighborhood: Atwater Village

Best for: Lunch


Other locations:

Downtown: 199 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Venice: 9 Dudley Ave, Venice, CA 90291