“The cheapest ticket to France” could have been the slogan at Petit Trois. While its older brother Trois Mec is doing acrobatic somersaults with an almost-impossible-to-book tasting menu, this authentic bistrot makes you feel French from noon to night. Behind a marble bar, the (cute) waitresses will say merci and s’il vous plait. On the menu, most dishes are in their natural habitat, no subtitles: steak au poivre, soupe à l’oignon, sole meunière… Do not leave without trying the omelet made with Boursin cheese, as its color and texture will remind you of the breakfast you’ve never had in a luxurious hotel room overlooking the Place Vendôme. Make sure you also try a bite of the burger (dubbed Big Mec) and its succulent brioche bun, which was voted best burger in LA Weekly for a good reason. The soundtrack of patriotic Chef Ludo oscillates between old gallic tunes and rap à la mode; the wine list is brief with a few foreign twists, to be appreciated by the glass or bottle, because #yolo. Definitely gluten-full and far from being vegan, Petit Trois has something in common with its famous baguette and butter: it makes Americans fantasize, and comforts homesick Frenchies.


Address: 718 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 12PM-11PM

Menu: petittrois.com

Reservations: No reservations

Style: French

Price: Entrées $7-$39

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Best for: Lunch, Dinner


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Petit Trois will soon open in The Valley


Also, consider getting Ludo Lefebvre’s cookbook: Crave!