“The proof is in the pudding”, they say. Well it is also in this financier which is a big as a fist, if a fist could have such a good buttery smell. But the proof is also in this rhubarb tartlet with frangipane cream with pistachios, and in this striped triple-chocolate cake. If you’re headed to Proof at lunch time, you’ll be able to grab a cauliflower sandwich with just a hint of garlic and a few slices of red meat radish, or the salami one in a whole wheat baguette. Na Young Ma, the teeny-tiny chef and owner, learnt her craft at Amy’s Bread in New York City’s Chelsea Market. She then opened Proof in 2010, close to her hometown Glendale. She works with an entirely feminine team around a huge quirky oven: the gougères and the croissants need to bake on the left side, which heats up at 400 degrees, while the tartlets prefer the lazier right side. Occasionally, a Paris-Brest appeared in the window: be quick to snap it and its thick layer of praline mousseline, but small enough for you to enjoy every last crumb that falls on the pretty marble table. The Paris-Brest tends to play hide-and-seek, but one thing is constant: Na Young Ma is always behind the counter, greeting each customer by their first name and contributing to the homey feeling. L.A. sorely lacks in “neighborhood joint”, and Ma has certainly contributed to the charm of Atwater Village. But her  and gougeres have played a massive role too!


Address: 3156 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8AM-4PM

Menu: proofbakeryla.com

Reservations: No reservations

Style: Bakery

Price: Cakes $2.5-5.5, Sandwiches $6

Neighborhood: Atwater Village

Best for: Lunch, Snack