If you’ve never watched Chef’s Table, you are not allowed to go out tonight. Stop reading right now and run (don’t walk!) on Netflix to understand the history of tortellini in brodo as they do them in Emilia Romagna. And only then you’ll be able to understand the tortellini twist at Alimento, nicknamed “Al Contrario”:  the pasta is filled with a broth (like a xialongbao) and then  covered with the most decadent mortadella and parmesan sauce. A masterpiece. Zach Pollack (Sotto) has more than one trick in his chef’s jacket sleeve, such as squid-ink strozzapretti, divine rib-eye tagliata or maccheroncini with Marsala wine reduction. Although Alimento seems predestined for dates, the larger parties will want to share a bagna cauda (anchovy sauce in which you dip all kinds of vegetables, like a Swiss fondue) and a few ‘pigs in blanket’ for fun. Meanwhile, those who were punished will end the first season of Chef’s Table with only one thing in mind: more tortellini.

Address: 1710 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 5.30-10PM

Menu: alimentola.com

Reservations: (213) 628-3146 or OpenTable

Style: Italian

Price: Plates $8-17, Platters $29-42

Neighborhood: Silverlake

Best for: Dinner