Are the best restaurants in Los Angeles necessarily hidden on a strip mall? Nestled between a 7-Eleven and a fast-food place, but most importantly devoid of a sign, Baroo found inspiration for its name in the bowls owned by Buddhist monks. The discreet chef has an impressive resume, such as Daniel in New York and Noma in Copenhagen, and he now masters the art of fermentation in the back kitchen of this little apothecary locale. The menu is written daily on a giant slate, and every thing is worth the trip to East Hollywood: the bibim salad with gochujang sauce, homemade celeriac pasta, kimchi fried rice topped with micro-fermented chunks of pineapple, a “perfect” egg (cooked sous-vide at 63 degrees Celsius), and vitelotte chips. At Baroo, we suggest you share everything in order to understand the extent of chef Kwang Uh’s talent — and make sure you try the pickles, his specialty. The chef says he uses local and organic ingredients, which he treats with “wit, free spirit and fermentation”. Want to see the highlight of the show? Ask for the restrooms, and you will receive a private access through the kitchen… We’ll let you discover the rest by yourself.


Address: 5706 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12PM-9PM, Sunday 5PM-9PM


Reservations: No reservations

Style: Korean

Price: Entrées $9-15

Neighborhood: East Hollywood

Best for: Lunch