In recent years, Los Angeles has earned a reputation as a gluten-averse, green juice chugging town. Despite this fact, it somehow has some of the best Italian restaurants in the country. Look no further than the critically acclaimed Felix or the timeless Angelini Osteria. When it comes to al dente noodles, Los Angeles is the place to be. Without hesitation, here are our five favorite pasta spots in the city.


Every pasta at Felix is made by hand and is representative of a specific region in Italy. Evan Funke’s dedication to his craft really shines and the first bite of pappardelle bolognese will immediately transport you to Emilia-Romagna.


Bestia has been the hottest restaurant in LA for what seems like ages now. Once you snag a table and try the spaghetti rustichella with uni, Dungeness crab, Calabrian chili, and Thai basil, you’ll understand why.


At this neighborhood spot, tortellini are filled with a hot broth and then topped with a sauce of diced mortadella and parmesan cheese. It’s far from authentic but you won’t care once one of Alimento‘s magical soup dumpling-esque parcels burst in your mouth.

Pasta Sisters

You wouldn’t normally expect to find great pasta in a strip mall, but this is LA where anything is possible. At Pasta Sisters you can get gnocchi and pappardelle dishes that rival those at Felix, for about half the price.

Angelini Osteria

With white tablecloths and tableside service, Angelini Osteria is a bit of a throwback. There’s nothing dated about the food though. Dishes like the the lasagna verde with besciamella and veal ragu will keep you and the celebrities nearby more than content.



This Best Of was written by In The Loup contributor Ash Narayan, follow him on @everybytee!