If it ever gets chilly in Los Angeles, you may want to warm things up at one of these restaurants. Be mindful when you order however, and you don’t want to burn your tongue and feel like it’s last summer’s heatwave all over again. Here are five spots that don’t go easy on the capsaicin:

Howlin’ Ray’s

You’ll have to wait in line for an hour before you can order at Howlin’ Rays: white meat, dark meat, or the whole bird (guaranteed hormone-free and antibiotics-free), and your choice of heat — country, mild, medium, hot, x-hot, and howlin’. You’ll burn your fingers by even touching the food, and then burn your taste buds by swallowing it, just like they do in Nashville.

Hunan Chilli King

Hunanese cuisine is famous for being the spiciest in mainland China; and Hunan Chilli King is famous for being the spiciest Hunanese restaurants in town. Their “Spicy Over Spicy” will burn your tongue twice: sauteed greens and radish with a gigantic amount of chillies and Sichuan pepper. For a similar heat and experience, head to Chengdu Taste or Szechuan Impression.  

Killer Noodle

Killer Noodle has 7 fundamental rules, including “Our restaurant aim for painful, delicious and spicy” and “Please take care of your bottoms when you complete your meal”. You’ll be advised to choose a low spice level when you order your dan dan noodles or mabo tofu, because even level 3 (a blend of numbness from prickly ash and spiciness from Cayenne pepper) will burn your innards.


If you ever feel like have a spicy meal right before a flight (not what the doctor ordered…), Al-Noor is where you want to go. This family-run strip mall gem serves Indian and Pakistani staples, and you’ll need lassi to calm it all down. You may also want to order some garlic naan, A) because it will help soothe your meal, and B) because it might just be the best item on their menu.


Among the 200 items on the menu at Jitlada, follow the guide: get the crispy catfish salad with mango; then the salmon and eggplant curry, and add the mussels with lemongrass, Thai basil and kaffir lime. Still hungry? The pad thai is red-hot, chefs love ordering the morning glory salad on their day off, and Jonathan Gold swears by the turmeric fried rice.