Sometimes you get up way too late with a strong breakfast urge. But time is running out and most of the restaurants will have already switched to the lunch menu — when all you dream about is pastries and other cuddly dishes. The good news is that Lincoln has decided to serve breakfast all day, to end the late risers’ torture. A large slice of quiche, with a flaky and buttery crust. Or goat cheese and fig scones. A reuben sandwich, a chicken-yuzu salad, or comforting huevos rancheros. And the best sea salt caramels that have ever lived on earth. And there’s even Stumptown Coffee and a Marzocco in order to feel awake even if it’s too late. While you wait in line to pay, gaze at the delicious pastries. And go ahead, order a few, you earned it.

Address: 1992 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 6:30AM-6PM, Sunday 8AM-4PM


Reservations: No reservation

Style: Pastry

Price: Breakfast $6-12.50, Lunch $8.50-13.50

Neighborhood: Pasadena

Best for: Lunch