Chef Sang Yoon, after a few years at Michael’s, is famous for having launched the gourmet burger trend when he was at Father’s Office. He also tyrannized his clients by banning ketchup and children, and is responsible for the “Substitutions politely declined” mention on menus — which then, colonized the entire country. Lukshon is a reinterpretation of various Asian cuisines with European techniques: Chengdu’s dan dan, Burmese tea leaves salad, szechuan steak au poivre, Thai khai soi noodles… Go for the crispy rice cakes and the Hawaiian Butterfish, similar to a ceviche, with coconut snow. Come with a group of West Side friends and sample different dishes: Lukshon is a great place if you want to stay in the Culver City. But for an authentic Burmese or Szechuan dinner, head to the San Gabriel Valley.

Address: 3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90232

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-3PM and 5:30-10PM, Saturday 5:30-10PM


Reservations: (310) 202-6808 or OpenTable

Style: Asian Fusion

Price: Small plates $11-16, Entrées $17-36

Neighborhood: Culver City

Best for: Dinner