If Grand Central Market is the Mecca of street food, Madcapra is the Kaaba. Without getting lost in the geographical confusions, it is easy to say that Sarah and Sara make some excellent falafels. The menu is very simple, coordinated around four colors (Red / Green / Orange / Yellow) and two options (sandwich for purists, salad for herbivores). We had our heart set on the Orange, not because of Donald Trump’s complexion, but for its carrot / spinach / pickles mix with a labneh-dill sauce… A combo that catapults us to the Middle East in less time than it takes to say falafel. For those who have eyes bigger than their stomach, the two lady chefs have a “go big” option, with which one can literally taste the rainbow. Recently transplanted from Brooklyn and instantly spotted by the press, the two Sara(h)s have opened Kismet with another famous food duo, Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo (Animal, Son of a Gun, Jon & Vinny’s). Biting into a falafel sandwich, we’re so glad to see that L.A. finally gave chickpeas a chance.


What? 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

When? Sunday-Wednesday 10AM-4PM, Thursday-Saturday 10AM-9PM

What? madcapra.com

How? No reservations

Style: Middle-Eastern

Price: Sandwiches $11, Salads $13

Neighborhood: Downtown

Best for: Lunch