Mh Zh stands for mah zeh, Hebrew for ‘what is that?’, but it could easily be a play on words on mezze, Middle-Eastern tapas. Order as many small plates as you can fit on your wobbly and colorful table on this Silverlake sidewalk, using their unpretentious menus made of greasy brown paper bags. Straight from Conor Shemtov’s kitchen: lamb ragoooo (the number of o’s depends on the waiter’s enthusiasm that day) on a bed of tahini with sumac, preserved lemon and bright pink beet stocks; a whole head of grilled cauliflower à la Miznon, peas with stracciatella and green garlic; a mayocoba bean ful; and a crowd-pleasing dish of grilled beets covered in roasted hazelnuts, all served with a large loaf of Bub and Grandma’s bread. Unfortunately, one of the best things about MhZh was its casual BYOB policy, which is no longer in service thanks to a jealous neighbor.


Where? 3536 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

When? Tuesday-Sunday 5-10PM

How? No reservations


Style: Middle-Eastern / Israeli

Price: Dishes $10-15

Neighborhood: Silverlake

Best for: Dinner