On this busy stretch of Little Tehran, you’ll find rose ice cream made with fresh organic whole milk and thousands of rose petals distilled to their essence: either white rose which is sweeter, or red rose which is tarter. Like at Mashti Malone’s, Persian ice creams are thicker than others, with a chewy mouthfeel that comes from using salep (ground orchid root) and whole milk only — whereas American ice creams are made with powdered milk, and Italian gelati with a mix of milk and water. Try the traditional ice creams like faloodeh (rose ice cream with rice noodles) or golo bol bol (a mix of saffron and rose ice creams, although we suggest getting them separate), or choose between a long list of incredible flavors: cucumber, jasmine, poppy seeds, Medjool dates,  pomegranate, pistachio, ginger, orange blossom…


Where? 1387 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

When? Monday-Sunday 11AM-10:30PM

How? No reservations


Style: Ice cream

Price: Scoop $4

Neighborhood: Westwood

Best for: Snack