Who could have predicted one day that a jam jar would conquer the world? With Jessica Koslow, we’re almost there. The young chef had originally rented this room tucked in Virgil Village in order to sell jams, but today all the Coolifornian kids are queuing for hours just to get a bite of brioche. But it ain’t your usual brioche… A large slice, as thick as a good novel, gently toasted, then covered with ricotta, and finished with a generous dollop of the eponymous jam. The superstar brioche is not the only winner here, as the rice sorrel bowl is a real competition on the savory category. Brown Kokuko Rose rice prepared with a sorrel pesto, chunks of preserved lemons to give you a morning kick, some mandolin-sliced red meat radishes just because they’re beautiful, and a poached egg because it’s good for you. And all of this for a bargain price of $8! Water it down with a sip of lemonade made with fresh vanilla, a horchata or a cold brew. Confucius (almost) said: “Food is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated...” Koslow appears to have found the trick, but one must be patient to discover it.


Where? 720 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

When? Monday-Sunday 8AM-4PM

What? sqirlla.com

How? No reservations

Style: Californian

Price: Toasts and bowls $8-12

Neighborhood: Silverlake

Best for: Breakfast, Lunch


Also, consider getting Jessica Koslow’s cookbook: Everything I Want to Eat!