Sticky Rice is the closest thing you’ll ever get to a Thai street-stall meal in Los Angeles. There are very few fie items on their menu at Grand Central Market, and they give the utmost attention to each and every one of them: they sous-vide their chicken before grilling it, their panaang curry is even better than at Night + Market, the pad Thai is less syrupy than anywhere else, the crying tiger’s juicy beef pairs perfectly with a side of sticky rice… The food is simple, authentic, and delicious. Speaking of authentic: please do not ask for chopstick at Sticky Rice, it’s is severely frowned upon.


Where? 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

When? Monday-Sunday 8AM-10PM


How? No reservations

Style: Thai

Price: Dishes $10-15

Neighborhood: Downtown

Best for: Dinner