The problem with hidden gems is that we would like them to stay that way. Sun Nong Dan is every chef’s favorite spot, a hole-in-the-wall where they meet after service to share a last meal. The kind of place that you would prefer to keep for yourself, because its magic is impossible to describe: a miniature canteen where the menu is not translated into English, and where you run into David Chang (when he’s not at Mapo Galbi or Soban) as well as the best food writers LA has to offer. The idea is to go there late, during the rare winter months, or when you have a cold: only then will you fully appreciate the sullungtang, an oxbone broth that works like a delicious panacea (don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper!). Order the galbi jjim as well, a braised beef short ribs stew, with  brown (more like purple) rice. In addition to curing all illnesses, Sun Nong Dan has the power to transport you out of Los Angeles for a short while.

Address: 3470 W 6th St #7, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Opening hours: 24/7


Reservations: No reservations

Style: Korean

Price: Soups $10.99-13.99

Neighborhood: Koreatown

Best for: Late-night eats


Other spot:

San Gabriel Valley: 927 E Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776