Despite being a notoriously carbophobic town, LA is home to some amazing bakers who are utilizing locally-milled flours and old-world techniques to bake some of the finest bread in the state. From the creative hemp nori loaves at Gjusta to the featherlight focaccia at Friends & Family, here are our five favorite places to stock up on gluten in LA.

Lodge Bread

If you want long fermented loaves made with with organically-grown, seasonal whole grains, Lodge Bread Co is the spot to head. Their seasonal toasts are phenomenal, but you can’t go wrong with the naturally leavened pizzas or giant cinnamon rolls either.


Gjusta does everything from smoking fish to frying falafel very well but their baked goods are truly noteworthy. Whether it be the perfectly formed Danish rye or hemp nori sourdough, it’s hard to leave the Venice hotspot without a darkly baked loaf in hand.

Friends & Family

The recently opened Friends & Family has become a neighborhood darling and we never leave without one of Roxana Jullupat’s exceptional heritage grain breads. We’ve been liking the exceptionally light focaccia of late but you won’t be mad if you try the fruit and nut or olive sourdough loaves either.

Clark Street Bread

From behind a well-stocked counter in Grand Central Market, Zach Hall and his team sell some of the finest bread in LA. The bread is naturally leavened and hearth-baked with European techniques, evoking memories of what one may find at the best boulangeries in France.

Bub and Grandma’s

Andy Kadin and the team at Bub and Grandma’s don’t have an official retail store yet but fortunately you can find their amazing bread all across LA. The loaves, made from Grist & Toll’s locally milled flour, are available for purchase at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market and served at several standout restaurants like Bestia, Kismet, and Dune.


This Best Of was written by In The Loup contributor Ash Narayan, follow him on @everybytee!