Los Angeles is best known for its ethnic food and hole-in-the wall spots but that doesn’t mean its lacking in places to splurge. From the modern kaiseki at N/Naka to the hyper-modern tasting menu at Vespertine, LA is home to some truly terrific fine dining spots. Here are five of our favorite spots to celebrate a special occasion or just indulge ourselves on a whim.


Despite all the well-warranted attention N/Naka has received after being featured on Chef’s Table, Niki Nakayama remains one of the humblest chef’s we’ve ever encountered. At N/Naka, Nakayama crafts a modern kaiseki menu that ebbs and flows in a way no other dinner in LA does.


You won’t find a more “fine dining” place in LA than Providence. At his ten-year-old restaurant, Michael Cimarusti serves up a seafood-focused tasting menu that impeccably highlights local products such as Santa Barbara spot prawns and Pacific-native shellfish.


Though controversial, Jordan Khan’s Vespertine is home to some of the most unique and thought provoking food in all of LA. It’s not cheap by any means, but you’re paying for an experience you’ll never forget.


The Third Street Promenade is the last place we expected James Beard Award-winner Dave Beran to open his first solo project, Dialogue. You won’t find us complaining though as Beran’s 20-course menu is one of the most thought-out and delicious in LA.

Trois Mec

Getting a table at Trois Mec can be a bit of a hassle but once you snag a spot you’ll be in for a treat. At his joint venture with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, Ludo Lefebvre crafts a delicious 5-course menu that pulls influences from all over the world and combines them with classic French technique.

This Best Of was written by In The Loup contributor Ash Narayan, follow him on @everybytee!