Why should you wait 45 minutes to get a table at a Thai restaurant? Why is there a herd of hungry hipsters lined up like toy soldiers on a strip mall? Why are Jitlada’s walls covered with awards, press clippings and drawings by Matt Groening? The answer is simple: it’s all because of Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong, who has managed (for more than 40 years) one of the best Thai hideouts in LA. Among the 200 items on the menu created by her dearly missed brother Chef Tui, follow the guide: the crispy catfish salad with mango; then the salmon and eggplant curry; and the mussels with lemongrass, Thai basil and kaffir lime. Still hungry? The pad Thai is red-hot, chefs love ordering the morning glory salad on their day off, and Jonathan Gold swears by the turmeric fried rice. Once you’ve become a regular, ask Jazz to choose for you — and if it’s your lucky day, she will improvise and bring “off-menu” items such as her secret burger, which you’ve heard so many rumors about. What are you still doing behind your computer, while you could be sharing a khua kling lung phat? Hurry up, there’s already a half-an-hour queue.


Address: 5233 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-11PM

Menu: jitladala.com

Reservations: No reservations

Style: Thai

Price: Entrées $15-20

Neighborhood: East Hollywood

Best for: Dinner